What treatments are used on your gear?

Our Veil® Camo gear is treated with C6 DWR treatment, providing the best performance possible. By using this application, you will find your gear fights the damp, wet environments, keeping you dry.

**How DWR finishes work:** DWR treatment lays down microscopic, tightly-packed vertical "spikes" on the outer surface of the gear. This dense, spiky finish leaves no room for water to spread out, forcing it to form into round droplets that bead up and slide off the fabric.

There is a limit to how much rain the DWR treatment can withstand before it wets out.  We suggest a re-treat with 3M DWR, which may be purchased on Amazon.  Also, 3M is the DWR treatment we use at the factory.  Once sprayed down, 20 minutes in a dryer at low heat will restore the DWR's effectiveness.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Experience and they are happy to help.  Thank you.


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