Why won't my payment go through?

Occasionally, there may be issues that come up when processing through payments.  Please check the following to determine the next steps needed:

  • Ensure the billing address matches the address associated with the card.
  • If using a gift card, ensure the gift card is registered to your name and billing address.  This may assist in processing through the card; however, it does not guarantee that the credit card processor will accept the card.
  • Double-check that all spelling on credentials matches with the payment method.  For example, if using a middle initial on the card, please include this information when processing through the payment.
  • If the information is not matching, the credit card processor may flag this as a fraudulent order.  This may delay out the order and prevent shipment.  Please confirm that each field is correct when entering the payment information.
  • If it is determined that the steps above are not creating any concerns, please reach out to the bank associated with the card.  The bank may have stipulations placed on the card that are creating holds for the payment to process.

If the steps above prove ineffective, please feel free to contact the Customer Experience team, and they are happy to assist further.  Thank you.


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